Collaborative Practice

We are pioneers in the practice of collaborative law in Chile, a dispute resolution mechanism in which we fully trust, since it allows families to achieve solutions that are suited to their particular family situation, always counting on attorney representation  through the process, in order to ensure a reliable result without the pressure of judicialization.

Indeed, collaborative law consists of negotiations between the parties, each with the participation of their lawyers, who commit, in advance and through a contract, not to pursue the conflict in Court. This allows greater trust in the process, without the threat of a court ruling, protecting the information and evidence that may be shared during the negotiation.

Another interesting aspect of Collaborative Law is that the parties can establish certain procedure rules in order to address the process according to their times and expectations.

In addition, prior agreement of the parties, it is possible to require the collaboration of other professionals as deemed necessary, such as psychologists, mediators, social workers, financial experts, among others, in order to enrich the conversations and gain certainty and trust in the process.